Reach by John Rotche Paperback

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REACH is about making human connections through mentorship and about going for inspirational goals.

Every year, thousands of new businesses launch and of those - hundreds set out to grow through franchising. The reality is that the vast majority of franchise businesses will never reach the critical 100-unit threshold, a metric indicating viability for withstanding the test of time.   

For nearly 30 years, Entrepreneur John Rotche has led teams focused on accelerating value for brands by leveraging proven franchising systems with best-in-class support. REACH highlights Rotche’s lessons learned from his mentors including famed and former University of Michigan Football Coach Bo Schembechler and franchising legends Domino’s Founder Tom Monaghan and Service Brands International Founder David McKinnon.

Rotche’s stories honor his mentors by passing along their wisdom in addition to the lessons he learned along the way. He also provides specific tactics to find and follow strong role models, set and reach goals beyond what seems possible and how to inspire the next generation of leaders.   

“This book isn’t just the story of my career,” said Rotche. “It’s a roadmap for success in franchising or any other line of business — and in life.”


After reading REACH, you will understand: 

  • The importance of mentors and how others can help you excel in your career and in life
  • Everyone (yes -- you) can share your talents and strengths to help others succeed
  • Overthinking can lead to underachieving - don’t focus on the risks - focus on the possibilities
  • You can’t do it all, so just do what you do best
  • Team members needs managers’ support and desire for their success
  • Great businesses begin with great people: how to create an entrepreneurial culture
  • Look for the accelerators in your business and apply them with innovation and creativity
  • Avoid gaps and overlaps in   

“Some people never start on the trail because they become intimidated by the possible detours, distractions and dead-ends -- even before they begin the first step,” said Rotche.

Scroll up to purchase REACH and learn how to REACH OUT. REACH HIGH. REACH BACK.



“Where would any of us be if we didn’t have mentors? It is a gift we were given and one that should be paid forward. John is one of the best at this and you’ll see it come to life in this book.” -- Jim Hackett, Ford CEO

“John is someone who truly loves what he does! He is a leader and visionary who strives for the highest goals and purpose. He has been a great partner and a very willing mentor to me, someone who walks the walk with integrity and has great respect for the industry and people.” -- Drew Brees, Former Quarterback for the New Orleans Saints 

“As a former teammate of John’s during our Michigan football days, I’ve had the opportunity to watch my friend grow into a dynamic leader and innovative entrepreneur. Even more important than John’s wins off the field, however, are two qualities: his willingness to help others identify their strengths and possibilities, and his willingness to teach them how to turn their possibilities into reality.” -- Jim Harbaugh, University of Michigan Head Football Coach 

“In my 40 years as an entrepreneur, I’ve had the privilege of mentoring many young men and women. However, my all-time star mentoree is John Rotche! John was like a dry sponge. He listened, he absorbed what I said, he watched, he practiced, he took notes, he rehearsed. He was a diligent mentoree. Today, John is an aspirational leader who sees a future without boundaries. Many have and more will, including me, want to follow John wherever he goes because he always ends up with success. I could it a privilege to have played a small role in John’s life.” -- David McKinnon, Co-Founder of Service Brands International 

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